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On the house warming celebration day Amrutha falls sick. Puneeth Rajkumar, Parvathy, Pooja Gandhi. Puru and Amrutha are like friends in their married life. Amritha is diagnosed as having brain cancer, and the doctor tells Puru that her days are numbered!

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Akshay Anand, Ramesh Aravind, Hema. The second half is not only emotion packed but also a travelogue of India. Intelligent untouchable student Kottara struggles against oppression. Vijay Suriya, Mayuri, Kavya Shetty.

The tests conducted by doctor points to brain cancer. But fate springs an unpleasant surprise on them. He marries a village girl after his parents force him to do so. She is admitted to hospital. But the grace of Amitabh is very much present.


Puru becomes very emotional and explain the situation. Global s focus the search bar. When one fine morning Amrutha is missing Puru comes searching. It is a case of opposite poles attracting. When the nectar becomes too much it turns out to be poison!

But it is all for Amrutha. Then we get the Indian travelogue from Kanyakumar to Kashmir.

The boy is religious and tight-fisted in money matters. You need to be logged in to continue. But the artistes and presentation style is different, apt and up to date. Puru brings Amrutha to her much loving personality Amitabh Bachchan and arranges a meeting. Like in ancient cinemas on Indian screen this is kept in suspense from the patient.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The role of being very haughty is very near to her real life? This time mother in law supports Puru. It is old wine in very old bottle.

Puru is a salesman in automobile shop while Amrutha is a software engineer. Learn more More Like This. Amritha likes to splurge and is an atheist.


All the intelligent people come from rented house says the director Nagthi. The velocity of love is great here. Just when you think there's a happily ever after, there enters the other woman, Aditi. Operation Alamelamma is a crime comedy feature film. The master in the craft of cinematography Krishnakumar adds extra value to the film.

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She looks beautiful even while crying. He looks handsome and the spectacle he wears suits him well. Abhirami, Kallu Chidambaram, Doddanna.


In the course of time, Puru realizes his ambition, kontakt for mac and names the dream house as Amrithadhare - a birthday gift to his beloved wife. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. It explores the human needs and greeds in the form of a metaphorical comparison to the three female characters in the movie.

He falls in love with a prostitute. In the emotional scenes especially when she is hearing what Puru is telling about her disease she grabs full attention. About Me Hementh View my complete profile. The film deals with the dark truths of cinema like the casting couch.

The costumes for both Ramya and Dhyan are colorful. This is where Amrutha knows the deadly disease she has.

The habit of this couple is to quarrel in life. Puru Dhyan and Amritha Ramya are a couple deeply in love with each other. Amrutha decide to go to Taj Mahal in Agra and this is where she breathes last on the lap of Puru. Amrutha is a spendthrift while Puru is stingy.