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Grab your stuff while you still can. Also other issues that may be important to you are the cost, how easy the program is to use, and the technical support you will get from the software company. It has all of the features you need to keep track of inventory.

Your software has been the best investment that we made when starting out new this past August. So far this is the best and easiest to use program we have seen. He was so gracious and provided us with information and also unlocked out software for us so we could continue to add our store inventory.

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Sexually explicit or offensive language. The end of day reports are invaluable, as are the end of year reports. Even a list that would tell you what brands you are selling most often would be helpful and interesting. Cons I would really like a feature that compares your income for each day.


Where can you get that type of support, where you are speaking with the software creator, with other companies? We had some computer hardware and other software issues at the start before open but your team and product has been great. What do you need to know about free software? Some folks are not computer savvy, well you don't have to be to it really easy to use. When you're entering secondhand items in one by one, it's fine, but when you're entering in dozens of new items as we do, bijoy bayanno software for windows 7 you can develop tunnel vision and forget where in the order you are.

Everyone is always so helpful and over the years, I feel like I know them personally! Allyson and Brian are easy to talk to and they truly want to resolve issues or answer questions. The program never lets me down. When the time came to upgrade recently I decided to compare other software programs for features, and just as important to me, friendly support.

Consignpro softwareConsignpro software

The software and updates have kept up with the growth of our company. Thank you again for your help through this process and your wonderful demo which was so good that I didn't really need to read the book or watch the videos!

Brian has time for us, plus taking care of his own customers. Allison is always there when I need help. It integrates seamlessly with your existing website. My phone calls are returned quickly and I've never had a question they couldn't answer or a problem they couldn't fix on the spot. It keeps everything in its place and organized.

The price is right as compared to all others. She has patience of Job with me and is very professional in the way she handles the tech support.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with any of these features please give support a quick call. And I mean everything from the tickets to posting the sales to writing the checks.

Consignpro software

We would've been lost without it several times over the years. Their knowledge and support make any problems you have go away fast.


Susan from Suzie's Shoppe. It has slowed down the customer transaction, unfortunately. The support plan is a great value. All my employees find the program easy to learn and operate.

Thank you for your feedback Kim. It's extremely easy for our employees to use and understand, but yet does everything we'd need and much more I'm sure we don't utilize. Hi Brian, I just want you to know how pleased I am with your program.

Updates are made frequently to help retailers with their specific needs. One great thing I want to be sure to mention is the tech support. When printing items available it does not allow you to only print a range of dates so I have to waste paper and ink to print the whole list, not just the date range I'm looking for. One look-up feature that the program does not have that I would find useful is the ability to look up an item by brand name.

Brian is always wonderful about updating the program when you want a new feature. Advertisements or commercial links.

Pros Powerful but very very easy to use. Alison help me with the end of the year report and guided me how to save it to a thumb drive. Response from Visual Horizons Software of. If you are interested in creating a coupon for your customers then our integrated Comeback Buks feature sounds like the perfect fit! Customer support is outstanding.

Your software allows us to give our customers what they want most, and that's to feel important. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. There is not an ongoing software fee and our support fees help to pay our amazing support team and continuously improve our software. So I went online and reviewed the different programs available.

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