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The characters aren't the same in this version! Search Results - clear search query. Short description of the vehicle used and what it looks like. There no other racers or weapons and the track is all yours.

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Gadgets Gadgets isn't the most easiest thing this part of the game has to offer. What a screen resolution means the size of the width and length of the feedback of your screen. Strangely enough, the labels the config screen gives out other information, so here's a rough translation of what each means to avoid confusion. Vizzed Retro Game Room offers s of free professionally made games, all playable online on the website. Over the Road Racing all over again.


Ramps - The curvy road have ramps, building your speed to get some air as you fly of them. Expanded on the gadget section alot. It's a more nicer way to enjoy the tracks a bit more and have a bit of friendly competition.

Crazy Frog Racer 2 Game

Active Netplay Sessions Currently no active sessions. This game is pretty much Mario Kart on tracks set in no where, ranging from a photorealistic city, middle of a canyon somewhere in America or Austraila somewhere to a greenland forest. Brakes during a race and cancel used in the menu and select options! Here's a list to places were you can use them!

Billboard Bars - The wierdess out the lot. There's a lot of tight corridors which can't be properly navigated with the bad controls. The fastest time gets recorded and entered onto the leaderboards.

Really slim, blonde girl, taking part in the race and ready for business. Forums Discussion Gaming Forum.

Unfortunately, it's the exact opposite. The longer the distance you've driven, the higher score it is.

You're score is the distance you have travelled. It has a bit more techinical options. The manual doesn't really description them as Gadgets but as weapon, I call them gadgets because a shield and booster aren't really weapons! All pts is up for grabs, not that you want too and you'll have to spend over an full hour in this mode in order to complete it. You can view these video on Youtube!

The map is in the centre of the screen and players are marked on the map with a number representing the players controllers. Fun to be a gamer, with the gamer jokes.

You think you'll get used to it. You are able to change the controller type of the game. Status Not open for further replies.

Crazy Frog Racer 2 Game

One flaw found is of the ramps in the Pehphiecal track that makes it very difficult to land and will end up respawning the racer. You can select your characters and pit them together, collecting tokens in order to use weapons and hunt down the other player. There is a glitch in one of the tracks where you can fall through the track terrain by bumping into the start of a fence. The Technicial Path course still contains the flaw of respawning even with you are on the ramp or about to land before it.

Crazy Frog Racer

Why they have different weapons is beyond me. Items are virtually useless due to the items being difficult or impossible to aim, including a nuke bomb. Forgot your username or password? You can repair your vehicle by collecting the nuts on the track. This happens to be one mascot that a couple of Swedish developers have created almost out of spare time.

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This screen appears when you insert the game disc into your computer, as your computer can autorun the start up screen. Lap - Displays which lap are you currently in Gadgets Selection - Displays the weapons and gadgets which can be selected. Crazy Frog just happens to be a mascot in video games now, well almost, he may not be the sonic or mario but it just happens to appear that way. The game modes and difficulties are all different.

They are totally different characters with different names. Park Bench - This one is tricky!

The booster launches you to a too fast speed which makes it much easier to go off the course. However it's very very risky! Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum As this game is developed by Beam Software, the same people who developed the Game Boy version of Tetris, you'd be expecting a good game, right?

Juke Joint Jezebel Member. Collecting coins will help you use the gadgets on screen. Play s of free professionally made games online.

Glitches and Exploits Sometimes on some tracks, after picking up speed and using boosters, you can complete a lap. Event Mascot - A drone that starts the countdown for the race, displays the laptime and claps for you when you finish the race. Which is really brizzare, almost looking like fail cosplayers. You'll be end up wishing that this cup never existed.

The higher the resolution, the more sharper the graphics will be as you play the game. So I ask you people of era, to decisively pick which is worthy of being considered the greatest? Single Player The single player has four modes to offer, these are the Championship, Single Race, chase and Time Trial.

The game itself is split into two different sections - top-down puzzle-solving, and side-scrolling puzzle-platforming. Characters The game introduces a bunch of characters that you wouldn't want to care so much about. White hover vehicle that looks like it's used to deliver milk on your doorstep!

Also you get to listen to the famous Crazy Frog Axel F track on those tracks. It's pretty much Wipeout's Zone mode with Crazy Frog. Gameboy Advance This is a totally different represention of Crazy Frog yet. After each race, the position of the racer will determine how many points they have when they finish the race. If there a case where there two racers with the same amount of points, the game will take each racers time for each race, youtube broadcast yourself software and add those all together and the fastest time will win the championship.