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Rehaan asks for Ahana's forgiveness. The series was produced by Vikram Bhatt.

Ahana struggles to get Rehaan off her mind. Rehaan breaks up with his girlfriend, Vyoma. The tracks become an instant hit among viewers. Soon after, Ahana gets pregnant.

Languages Simple English Edit links. Anant goes to Laila to ask for Ahana's hand in marriage to him.

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But Anant proposes to Ahana and they decide to get married. She realizes that she actually loves Rehaan and not Anant after getting taunted by Laila that she's turning up to be just like her mother. The lyrics were penned by Faraz Ansari and Shakeel Azmi. Laila is left broke by Mahendra, she has an accident. After knowing the abortion bit, Anand again hates Ahana.

Star Plus Serial Song Dil Sambhal Ja Zara

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She forgives him soon after and is taken care of by him. But Laila rewrites the letter describing Rehaan's relationship with Vyoma. As the story continues Ahana and Anant face many obstacles in their marriage due to the age difference, society, rivalry and family.

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Star Plus Serial Song Dil Sambhal Ja Zara

Harish Sagane had composed the original songs and background score for the show. But Roshni misplaces the original letter in order to create trouble between the two. Ahana witnesses their argument hereby developing an intense hatred for her mother. Hindi primary English minor.

Later being asked for answers, Ahana reveals the initial reason behind the marriage before Anant that shatters him. He supports her through the hard times and they go for a Goa trip. Rehaan and Ahana grow closer during the trip. Tarun and Saloni get married. Meanwhile, Anant realizes his mistake and wants to give a second chance to their marriage.

Meanwhile, Laila sets her eyes on marrying Anant as he is a rich businessman in order to pay off her debts and increase her social status. Laila gets discharged and is brought home by Anant.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She notices Ahana behave weirdly and asks her about her closeness with Rehaan. When Laila finds out she is infuriated and wants to cancel the wedding. Misunderstandings brew up.

Rehaan begins to fall for Ahana, while simultaneously learning that she married Anant just to defy and insult her mother for revenge. The show ends abruptly with Anant reading the letter and screaming at Rehaan and Ahana asking if what's written is true. Current broadcasts on StarPlus. Rehaan realizes his mistakes. Elated, novell groupwise 8 she tries to reveal this to Anant.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara

The plot twist comes in the form of Saloni's pregnancy. She agrees to the marriage and puts forward a condition to Anant.

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