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MysoftmusicGym Playlist The 25 Best Workout Songs of All Time

Relaxing electronic music. Whether exercising is something you love or loathe, the perfect workout mix can help you burn off those calories while enjoying great music at the same time. Perfect for a workout yoga dance. Lyrically, this Nickelback ode to a gold digger is pretty objectionable.

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Energetic and delightful mid-tempo yoga track. High energetic uplifting beats for your exercise. The best trance relaxing music for a perfect stress relief. If you love working out to music, wondershare dr fone for android you've probably accumulated a few power songs-no-fail tracks you turn up when your energy is flagging. Thank u for the wonderful music!

To find more workout songs, check out the free database at Run Hundred. Perfect for Yoga sessions.

When your energy is flagging, fire up your workout with these go-to power songs. Power Hour Workout Playlist.


When you're ready to work it out in a big way, you'll find the motivation and endurance you need below. Perfect for exercise and yoga sessions. This lowers blood pressure when accompanied with deep, controlled breaths and some yoga poses. Uplifting melodies played by harp and the Irish flute.

Top Workout Songs

Perfect for yoga warm up sessions. Ironically, the song is about giving up on life, but the band's energy is so propulsive that it feels downright life-affirming. Subtlety isn't this band's strong suit, but they know how to get hips shaking. Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is a world-class screamer, which ought to get your pulse pounding in seconds flat. Perfect for dance, exercise or stretch-out sessions.

Virtually everything below is uptempo. Uplifting beat with african drums. Here's a link to download the video.

Saliva has a knack for writing up-tempo rock songs that sound great during sporting events. Exciting The Voyager The Voyager. Rob Zombie delivered the definitive rock workout song by merging metal, hip-hop, and industrial on this White Zombie tune. Lovely chill-out groove with a deep space synthesizer pad and a deep soothing bass.

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That'll work out some tension for you. Mid-tempo beats with synthesizer bird song perfect chill out. Nine Inch Nails make a lot of moody, downbeat music, but Trent Reznor has written some great uptempo material, too. Mid-tempo beats with synthesizer bell sounds. When you're finishing up, cool down with a walk into the The Script and Will.

Perfect for yoga and meditation. The song barely stops for breath. Cheering you on is Chris Cornell and his powerful pipes.

Top Workout Songs

Drums and percussion with african latin feeling. Credit producer Mutt Lange for teaching this Canadian post-grunge band how to get their groove on. When you need to psych yourself up for a grueling workout, turn to this track. Given that a minute workout session is serious business, we pulled out all the stops when piecing together this playlist consisting entirely of power songs. To keep things interesting, we've mixed hits from a variety of sources.

Wanna increase muscle size, strength and performance? Frontman Layne Staley's demented vocals intertwine with Jerry Cantrell's fuzzed-up guitar, resulting in a song that plays like a clenched fist of unbridled rage.

Perfect for yoga sessions. Exciting Go Ahead Go Ahead.

Because of the aggressive guitars and drums on this Stone Temple Pilots track, it's easy just to move to the music without even thinking about the lyrics. Uplifting melodies played by the chinese guzheng. This Audioslave cut isn't intended for high-energy workouts. Fun party dance track make you move. You can browse by genre, tempo, and era to find the best songs to rock your workout.

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