G-eazy The Endless Summer

Jay Ant got the crowd rolling! Everybody's singing the songs as loud as they can.

For that reason, G-Eazy comes highly recommended. So disappointed thought he was for the fans because he was one of us not too long ago. He'll sing his songs and he'll play some of his hold ones for everybody. As leader of the Bay Boyz, G-Eazy generated some serious hype for his music with the songs that they uploaded to their MySpace page.

It feels like everybody is one big lit as family. And he showed so much graditude and love for his audience.

Great concert, right when I walked in I knew I was in for a treat. Wonderful concert, really enjoyed the experience. My prayers are to the folks that go, good luck.

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The Endless Summer

He's a really good performer and his songs are catchy and have awesome beats so when I had the opportunity to see him again on The Endless Summer Tour in San Diego of course I took it! The Endless Summer Tour was worth the money. The prep for his performance was quite long and for good reason.

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After some hesitation here and there on whether to see this guy, I broke down last minute I bought some front close seats after finding a solid deal online. His set was lengthy and he killed seemingly every song, and even the ones I couldn't recognize I still had a lot of fun with. You will not be disappointed. The sound of the music was very nice.

His set connected with the Bay Area crowd as his set resembled the slums of Oakland. Alexandre Francisco Diaphra. He came out with his mom to watch the warm up acts from the balcony with the fans. All in all a fantastic performance by every entertainer and an epic concert. He is so much better live, wave recorder which is rare because many artists seem to autotuned now a days.

The trek out to Anaheim turned out to be a bust and straight up disappointment. People were either high or drunk and that was pretty cool.

The Endless Summer by G-EAZY

As a performer, he's very good, would highly recommend his concert if you get a chance. However, solo stardom was always going to be the number one priority for the up and coming rapper, who was already working on his solo debut while still in the Bay Boyz.

The whole energy of the group. The concert was amazing from start to finish, the lighting to the smockers to the mic was just a great job overall. Save this event to your plans and we'll remind you when it's coming up! As a fan that has followed him since pay for you I expected more from him.

Since his debut in he has been one of the most prolific rappers of his generation, releasing three studio albums, six mixtapes and three E. Be first to know about G-Eazy merch. Only one song in his new album which was so disappointing.

Showing his dedication to his craft, G-Eazy was also building up a prolific producing portfolio at the same time. The show initially consisted of a few opening acts which grabbed the crowd's attention while also continued to increase anticipation of G-Eazy's appearance. The way he included the audience in everything that he did this night was amazing! Awful experience, people save your money or burn it, atleast you'll get to watch it burn that way instead of wasting it on reservation cancelation fees.

Get your tour dates seen everywhere. Everybody had the same vibe. Everyone was vibing with it. Then when we were in we made it to the front as a group and when the concert started, people immediately started pushing you so they could get up front. Maybe I'm not cut out for these concerts, but for sure it was not worth the money to be somewhere you could barely see or barely breath.

And you know what, I wasn't expecting the greatest show, but I was extremely impressed by the end of it. The audience was so into it as well. By far best ending for a concert. It was a total knockout concert.