Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats For Pc

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats for PC & SecretsGrand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats for PC & Secrets Apk Games Hack

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats for PC & Secrets

Additionally, once you get your girlfriend, take her on a date. Walk onto that building and you will see a can of paint. Get out of the car and throw one at the drivers door, then open the door. If you lose, reload the game and try again. Once at the very top, look for a mobile home, and a van.

If you ride to the top of Mt. You can go through the windows.

When they are dead, pick up their guns then get back in your car and find more. Go to the General Store in Dilmore.

You can now go to all of San Andreas without the four star wanted level appearing. You can spawn vehicles and fire weapons. The mirror will disappear, and you can see the interior of an Ammu-Nation. If you are in an aircraft, a Hydra will go after you to shoot you down. Perform lots of rotations before you land back near the safe house to get an extreme stunt bonus.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats

Then, hold the weapon you want to have automatic fire Desert Eagle recommended. Get on the bike and you will automatically begin the courier missions, which require you to deliver packages thought Los Santos by throwing them through rings at the destination. You can now shoot the gun automatically. San Andreas cheats, Easter eggs, blu ray demo and other secrets.

Go to a high building, such as the one in the Downtown area of Los Santos. When it does, try to land on top of it. Go to San Fierro's hospital.

Go to the Pig Pen Strip Club. Then, run to the far end of the police station hall, down the stairs, and into the holding cells. Get as far away from the car as possible without letting the garage door close.

You will begin to flip slowly. Then, aim at the bike again, manually. It is a glitch because there is no way to win the territory.

To gain respect, stay in your neighborhood and get a wanted star, then kill all the police that arrives. After you jump off of the building, just walk around and look for a plane.

Proceed to dispose of the police using your pistol. Fly up through a blank tile. This trick requires maximum bike skill for both motorcycles and a regular bike. It is nearby and has two sets.

You will return to the nearest hospital. You can also jump off of some high buildings, and out of airplanes.

If you chose to go to Binco or another store, notice that you can go inside and buy clothes. Keep flying for thirty minutes in that direction, then jump out of the plane. If you have the parachute in your inventory, you will die. Walk towards the back of it, and you will see that there is a building connected to it.

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If you walk around and wait, police will spawn, but will not shoot you. Next to the gate is a small building. Find the very big building. Fail the mission intentionally, then find the train that they where on. They will shoot at you no matter what.

Walk up to the counter and put the cross-hairs on the cashier's head. It is next to the Las Venturas airport and the highway. You must wait a short time until the parachute respawns back on the roof.

Get in any vehicle and drive into the ocean. To save a gang member or bodyguard when you turn off the game, go to your safe house.