I Hate Love Lil Wayne

New Music Lil Wayne I Hate Love

Hmm this song is not his best, but definitely not his worst either. Not many rappers are able to do things that he did with this song.

Weezy f baby n the f is for the fuckin. If anyone seriously think that Rebirth is Waynes best work, they need help. What does this song mean to you?

Aint hatin on no goddam body just speakin da fukin truth. This shit was ass either way.

Back to the drawing board huh? Sounds like a rebirth leftover but thnx Danny. Leftovers doesnt say a shit about the album. Weezy takin his time and itll be worth it.

Haha shit whats going on here One fucking song out of millions he recorded and yall act like it was a highly anticipated an promoted song just a leftover when he was on his rockrap trip. Weezy u lusng my respect now. They shouldnt even said that. The entertainment industry along with our government are not being run by devil worshippers.

Vintage tees and acid wash jeans on deck. The lyrics are pretty deep. Wow im a die hard wayne fan but this is absulte crap lil wayne is past his prim. Hes finally trying to get all his styles in one! Weezy man u gonna give me a heart attack now.

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This shows how talented of an artist he is. Wayne still the best rapper there iss! How about you make a song and see how many fans you receive instead of complaining that someone elses song does float your boat, seeing as he has millions of fans and everyone on this page doesnt. If this is wat he will give us, i will no longer b his fan.

Lil Wayne - I Hate Love Lyrics

He needs to get back to the street shit that we all love. Buy Lil Wayne's Newest Album.

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Lil Wayne I Hate Love

This has to be pre prision. Still an alright track it shouldve been on Rebirth. Cold Blood dont worry you will find help soon!

Anyway I do like the song though. Thiss sounded like some reject rebirth shit.

New Music Lil Wayne I Hate Love

Lil Wayne - I Hate Love Lyrics

You all ound like you do your best to convince yourselves this does not suck. Am I the only one who likes this? As for the song, a way to express his frstrations in life, which we all experience, and a way to show his anger and emotion with the rock. Imagine what crazy ass beats were gonna get. Fuck, this shit is seriously horrible.

Just look at the leftovers from Eminem Recovery, they suck, but the album is still perfect. Its ok, i like the verses, cus their deep but the singing for the hook is off a bit. Thats what being a muscians is all about. We the business million dollar! His lyrics were not on point.


Sometimes I honestly listen to a Lil Wayne song like this and I wonder how the hell anybody actually likes this shit. Download Lil Wayne's Latest Tape. If rebirth was his best that time, y not support it? So really, I think all this bad music hes doing is just a marketing scheme to force people into getting his old stuff again.

Ooh man haters will be so happy whn they hear this fucked up song. She loves me she loves me not now I hate love. Wayne just does whatever baby, imichat stop hatin.

New Music Lil Wayne I Hate Love

Lil Wayne - I Hate Love Lyrics