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Today is the day Apple will be holding their annual Worldwide Developers Conference. There is a good news and some bad news. Are you sure about this iPhoneHeat? More info along with download links can be found here.

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IOS 3.1.3 For iPod Touch 1G

Go to recovery mode hold down the home and sleep button for seconds the shut down screen will appear but keep holding down the two buttons When the apple appears, let go of the sleep button. Never mind waiting for a new jailbreak that could take months. Cydia is an iPhone app created by Saurik. So that i can have an untethered jailbreak.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Use spirit jailbreak chkout the jailbreak iPhone category.

But when I turn it off by holding the buttons it goes off and comes back on with the original settings. If it works you are a genius. What seems to be the problem?

You have to put up with a few pop-ups, mtorrents but this site worked great for me. How could I jailbreak my iPod? We can not be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Oh and to add it says the jailbreak will be done once it reboots.

Appreciate your help in advance. Try Joe's way of doing it! You really have to be careful with what you download. Any help would be appreciated. Well its only to smile and let the future se what happens then.

Hey, happy for you and all. Please tell me how to recover my iphone. Please reply if you have any idea or even have no idea. Rapid share just doesnt cut it.

It allows you to download iPhone apps that are not officially available in the Apple App Store. Thought i should share since i was looking forever and never found anything. Download links and jailbreaking instructions can be found here. Both of you don't need to uninstall!

But what version of ziphone did you use and where did you download it from? So it's not possible yet, but it will very well be possible in the near future.

Will I be able to write a custom fw to my iPhone considering I have the new bootloader? Used pwnage tool on a mac to do this, followed instructions to a t.

Then replug it back into your comp and then Restore in iTunes! Since this is a new iPod, I do not have any previous firmware version loaded in iTunes. Forecast doest not give any information on Firmware etc. But i made the mistake of using Spirit on my phone.

Will this method work for me to jailbreak and unlock the iphone? Is there anyone who has got a tethered jailbreak to work?

If so, I guess I will just have to wait until the next version comes out. How come i cant buy the firmware?

The links are totally broken. It sits there by my computer with a blank screen. It doesnt allow me to downgrade or renaming the filename.

Informational piece for hack fans

It's on but it's not doing anything. Got all the files in less that a few minutes.

You could try a few things Try deleting the. Hi, I am very new with Iphone. Can you guys help me with a solution? It is, in fact, totally worth it, though. Also it is the old bootrom and non mc model im using which is fortunate for me!

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Download iPhone OS 1.1 To 3.1.3 Custom IPSW Files

Is the saved file supposed to be in dot shsh? It is available for download. It's still a thing for music and vid's norly for games Love.

It will then ask you to connect your ipod to itunes. Hello ive been having this problem for a while. You can follow me on twitter or join our facebook fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest iPhone related releases. Is there a way to get an updated cydia custom restore? For now anywayz, till something better comes along.