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Check macro security level in your excel file. Assessment Year Info on opening excel file. As of now, I do not have information on this issue. For example, if you often enter long text strings in cells, karaoke songs and lyrics you can create a macro to format those cells so that the text wraps.

By profession I am a software developer. Adding my query in this post.

Under Part E, you can disclose the information related to Cash deposits. These should not be construed as investment advice or legal opinion. If the income tax return is not filed before the due date and a belated return is filed after the due date, capital loss would not be allowed to be carried forward. Any income which arise or accrue in India will be taxable in India.

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Note every year Income Tax Return forms are different due to changes in income tax laws. Read more on Income Tax Return forms. Due diligence is exercised in compiling the forms. Tabs in Income Tax Excel Form.

Her total income from all sources was less than Rs. So depending on the security of Macros in your excel file you might be asked to enable the macros. You are the best person to know if it is your income or not. Set-off of loses on capital assets. Which form should I fill to get full deduction on Interest paid for home loan.

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Hi Sreekant, If a person is earning through coaching at home but not maintained proper records. Click here for all you need to know about filing income tax return this year. Personal Details Verification. You are referring to Advance Tax.

Apart from job i do also freelancing. Employee Saving Policies Details. Copy the downloaded zip file into this folder. Please let me know about the rest. Educational Loan Interest Details.

Dear Sreekanth, Tax audit requirement on intraday trading speculative business is confusing. Hence be careful on choosing the appropriate form for the year. The income computed shall be presumed to have been computed after giving full effect to every loss, allowance, depreciation or deduction under the Income-tax Act. Basically I am self employed or data freelancer.

Excel is everywhere you look, especially in areas where people are adding up numbers a lot, like marketing, business development, sales and finance. While dynamic funds are pure debt funds. Which itr form I have to submit? Dear Bikas, Fiscal year means the financial year. No need to be fancy, just an overview.

All about income tax return form Sahaj. Author Write something about yourself. This Return Form should not be used by an individual whose total income for the assessment year includes Income from Business or Profession under any proprietor ship.

Please advise your suggestions. He was a state Govt employee.

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There is no column about presumptive income or any place where I can mention that the business income calculated by me is on presumptive basis. Hi Sreekanth A follow-up query. Dear Rahul, Income from intraday trading in shares is treated as speculative business income as the transaction is settled without delivery. Dear Savita, What about other incomes? This will alert our moderators to take action.

This year I havent done any trading. Can this be used to file previous years returns.

Please advise this should be reflected in which section? Hence, you are considered as you are holding more than one property. Overview of Process of E- filing. Can you please advise me how I should proceed?

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Dear Srikanth I have income from salary and bank interest. Sir, I derived income from Salary. Yes, you can declare the insurance amount under Exempt Income section.

Does anybody have idea how to unprotect sheet without a password? Inform me when I filing return. Please suggest which form should I file. These may be used by the individuals or organizations to file their returns electronically. It depends on your sources of income.

Please describe the problem you have with this software. Can you clarify interpretation? Short-term capital gains or long-term capital gains from sale of house, plot, shares etc.

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Regards, Kishore Kumar Reddy. Can you elaborate on the other sources of income you have? In assessment year I have business Income and capital gain income which itr form I am fillup. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The annual income tax return summarizes all the transactions covering the calendar year of the taxpayer.