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This kind of software has convenient uses beyond playing Blu-ray movies. Most software offers modifiable video effects, letting you adjust picture hue, saturation and brightness. Many other Mac Blu-ray players in the market pale in comparison to Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac as it possesses some outstanding features to perfect movie enjoyment.

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It can take advantage of touch-screen monitors and displays. Connect, Customize and Control Tweaking various settings in a video player system can pay off when you finally get to enjoy a perfect-looking video. Background is also settable. When we tested this software, it used only about four percent of our system resources. Not only did it score the highest of all the programs we reviewed in our performance and usability tests, it also has all the tools we look for.

This grade reflects how easy the software was to use, its important features and settings, and how well it performs each task. During our test phase, we timed how long it takes each program to begin playing a disc after the play button is pressed.

For example, this program enables simultaneous viewing options, so you can watch your Blu-ray on your computer as well as your television, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. It brings a lot of great things into the Mac Blu-ray World. Featuring all the qualities of media player, Mac Blu-ray Player from iReal goes far beyond traditional ones and refreshes the idea of Blu-ray player on Mac.

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Not only free of charge, it is also region-free. Powered by advanced video and audio enhancing technology, Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac offers extraordinary and excellent cinema-like movie enjoyment for free. And it makes perfect sense.

Furthermore, this free Blu-ray player for Mac can play video files and audio files. This software performed the best in both our performance and usability tests. It only takes five seconds for Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player to start showing your movie. Home to all media formats, which are just one click away.

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Not all Blu-ray player software can do that. Like many media players in the market, this free Blu-ray player for Mac also allows users to add external subtitles. By the same token, Windows is not left behind by iReal Blu-ray Player either. Choosing iReal Mac Blu-ray Player is to choose a home theatre, hot movies of bollywood all for you and only for you.

The skin theme is dark blue by default. We tested each Blu-ray player program to determine the extent of its features, settings, functionality and ease of use.

And it effectively smooths out pixelation and artifacts that can result from upscaling. Bring stunning cinema-like enjoyment. The Power Manager built within Leawo Free Blu-ray Player lets you preset the power volume to indicate battery status for better battery protection during movie playback. It means no need to check those dazzling format supporting list any more.

With a few more, post straight to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr when the moment strikes. Higher percentages will mean that your computer may run slower if you are running multiple programs, or you may hear the computer fan running to keep the processor from overheating.

We also judged customization options and other features, such as the modifiable video effects. Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac allows you to select one kind of skin theme from preset four skin themes. If you want a free Blu-ray player application, this is probably your best bet. The versatility and power of this Blu-ray Player software from iReal help it fit in just about everywhere.

The percentage shows the amount of processing power used while playing a movie in full screen. Therefore it can smoothly play Blu-ray disc on Mac regardless of region limitation, be it region A, region B or region C. You also have to create special folders, download obscure files from third-party websites and more. It takes one click to open a disc or file and one click to play, pause and stop. This is an aesthetically cool Blu-ray media player with an unassuming but great interface that works.

It may take a while to explore all the tools and features. However, there are some serious drawbacks to this software. It scored the highest in our performance and usability tests.

Have you ever dreamed about owning a home theatre? Instead of going through one Blu-ray Player Software after another, iReal Mac Blu-ray player spares the efforts in frustrated testing and serves as an almighty media player. It also has every feature we look for in good Blu-ray player software.

Leawo Free Blu-ray Player for Mac Supported Media Input

Good player software should have an interface that is immediately easy to understand and navigate, causing no doubt or frustration in accessing features. Other programs we reviewed use nearly half of your processing power to play a movie. This program scored high marks in all our tests. Starts playing movies within eight seconds of pushing the play button.

This is the fastest time we recorded. Performance Tests This grade is based on whether the software accommodates a variety of disc and digital file types without excessive drain on the central processing unit. With the Leawo, you can watch movies on your computer and do other processor-heavy tasks without slowing down your movie or other programs. Functioning with Blu-ray menu navigation and online broadcast, iReal Mac Blu-ray Player just makes everything a lot easier.

Takes an exceptionally long time to start playing a Blu-ray disc. We judged programs on their capacity to play the video without lag, buffering or any other distortions or delays. You will definitely keep this software although it still needs enhancement. No annoying downloading, just pure enjoyment. It is the home to all popular media formats, which are just one click away.

Customization for Personal Preference Available. Surround Stereo Audio Enjoyment. Bonus features for iReal Everything you love about iReal just gets better. When we tested the best Blu-ray player software, we timed how long it takes from when you push the play button to when the movie actually starts playing.

All-in-one style is what iReal Blu-ray Player is offering. It is worth noting that this is the slowest-starting Blu-ray player we reviewed. Blu-ray movies are meant to sound as good as they look.

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