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Now that we can create a project, enter code, and build the project, we need to verify the code works before we run it on hardware. Previous entry Duff's Device.

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Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. It is actually very powerful and useful for testing and debugging code which will run on your board and interact with the outside world via external stimuli. Development Tools What tools do I need? Hexmate question - what is the syntax to replicate what happens when I have a loadable? Are there any variables in the Watch window when you opened it up?

Lab 2 - Using the Simulator - Developer HelpSimulator UART with DMA PIC32 MPLAB X IDE - Questions and Answers

We could continue to step through the program one line at a time to get to a place of interest but this may be time-consuming. We do not wish to step through delay instruction by instruction. Physical Memory Virtual vs.

Keeping this persistent data can speed up the debug session by not requiring the programmer to reconfigure watches. Please let me know if there is any thing wrong with the code or harmony configuration. When i get a solution for my problem in that forum i will update here.

MPLAB Simulator

Simulator UART with DMA PIC32 MPLAB X IDE - Questions and Answers

First we will make a test file, there is more information on the format of these files on the developer help site, but it is fairly easy to understand just by looking at the example. This auto-start feature can save time, however, the user may not wish for the debug session to proceed into the main program until directed to do so. We will just call it data.

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For the entire build process every command executed is nicely printed in the build window, but for the loadable it claims to be using Hexmate, but the command line to execute it is not shown at all. To accomplish this task click the Finish Debugger Session icon.

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As you will learn later in this lab, the simulator has most of the functionality of a hardware debugger. Of course, the simulator may be fine. George writes the simulator, mc5 so there is no better person to help you! Installation Instructions.

To get out of delay we will set a break point in the main function and run until that breakpoint is reached. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Display as a link instead. Nobody has received reputation this week. Observe the variable definitions of ctr and delayVal. The variable ctr is incremented each time the main loop executes. Will get some time on the weekend to try this out and will let you know if I find something interesting.

MPLAB Simulator

These two variables are used during the debugging session. When you hit the green run button on the stimulus it will send the data in the file to the program. Please feel free to upload code, pictures, videos, whatever you need to make it clear over here, that is the reason we made this forum, to overcome exactly that problem, so thank you for doing that! Some stuff could be clicked on, but in the end I had to kill the process and restart.

Ending the Debug Session Congratulations! As a test we are just going to update the program to echo back what it receives and we will be able to see the output in the Simulator Output window as the stimulus is being sent in. Paste as plain text instead.

Setting the Simulator to start at the beginning of main function. Setting up the Watches Window. It is a small step from here to feed data into a variable or into a different peripheral, we will not go into that right here, but know that it is easy to also do this. Close any previously opened projects by right-clicking on the project name and selecting Close. To add the file we will enter a new row here.

This lab provides the basics of observing the program to ensure the correct lines of code are executed. It can be useful to debug program flow before determining the accuracy of the data being processed. Today we are going to delete everything in the Watch window before we start.

Altering delayVal affects the amount of time consumed by the delay function. As always the project with the code we used is attached. Something still seems rotten.

Running the Simulation Click the Continue icon to start the simulation. We now simply save this text file so that we can import it into the stimulus system. The variable delayVal is used to control the amount of time in the delay routine.

We also do not wish to set a breakpoint in the main code after the call to delay. The program executes the code in the expected order, but does the program do the correct thing?