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The thrills in the film should overwhelm the logic to make these kinds of films work. Akhil then goes into the ocean and retrieves the diamonds. Then they decide to rob the money and make a living out of it. While the Artist who's trying to draw a Picture of the mysterious thief named Sonu, the Artist ends up drawing a picture of Akhil. The way he shakes his hand with Ayesha Takia while seducing her is cool.

Akhil gets a hold of Sonu, who was actually wearing a bullet-proof vest. Second half is bit boring. Sumitra and Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao are the only elderly people in this film. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is neat in the first half. Piyush Misra is adequate as villain.

Akkad Bakkad is also another trendily canned song on Nagarjuna and Anushka. Gichigichi is a typical bedroom seduction song with lots of intimate moments between Nagarjuna and Ayesha Takia. The plus points of the film are Nagarjuna, trendy shot-making and music. One of the best superstar of the Indian movies who ranked among the top actor of the industry. On a whole, avery template 8692 Super makes an average flick.

The rest of the story is all about how they clear the misunderstandings and unite again. He falls in love with a doctor called Siri Valli Ayesha Takia.

Akhil lies to police that he's not in the video. According to the video, it's revealed that Sasha was actually murdered. These two songs are not impressive. All songs are blockbusters.

The police start chasing Sonu and Akhil on motorboats. Sonu rushes to get his sister from the clutches of the bad guys.

Akhil and Sonu manage to kill everyone there and keep the diamonds. Sonu and Akhil don't have enough money to pay for the operation. He is very competitive and the perfect fit for the role. Cinematography by Shyam K Naidu is excellent.

Sayaji Shinde is good as the honest cop. He falls in love with a doctor, Siri Valli Ayesha Takia. That dubbing artist did a good job.

Background score and rerecording are also impressive. After a few days, they were forced to steal the money for survival. She is good in romantic and casual scenes, but appeared bit out of place in emotional scenes and climax episode. Sasha suddenly develops pains in her stomach and needs an appendix operation. But Akhil do not have any feelings for her.

He treats her just like a friend. This is why Sonu hates Akhil.

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But the basic point of heroes justifying their robbery by comparing it to the scams and scandals and continuing it does not sound appealing. Sonu follows Akhil to the Biker's club. The rest of the story is all about why Akhil and Sonu became enemies and how they clear the misunderstandings to unite again.

Music by Sandeep Chowta is of party type. Naidu Edited by Marthand K. Siri Valli goes to Akhil's house to find out why Sonu and he are enemies. Late that same night at the biker's club, Sasha says openly that she will kill herself if Akhil does not love her. Ali has got special roles in all Puri Jagan's films.

The guy who dubs the voice of Mukesh Rushi dubbed the voice of Sonu Sood. He successfully engaged the viewers throughout the first half without offering them any story.

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But the thrills are not exciting enough except for the hero introduction scene and the Italian Job climax. Best Feature Film in Telugu of as a producer.

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Screenplay of the film is adequate. He used all types of camera angles and cranes to give different perspective to the film. Ayesha Takia is one of very few heroines who complement Nagarjuna's charm onscreen. The major drawbacks of the film are lack of convincing storyline and lack of emotions.

Sonu adapts Siri Valli as his sister after the death of Siri Valli's father. After this one robbery, they can be settled for life. There is a hi-tech robber called Sonu Sonu Sood who is a big-time robber. The police captain already got transferred to another town.

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Soon Siri Valli falls in love with Akhil as well. Puri Jagan who always made sure of emotions in his films could not bring the right emotions for this film.


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