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Best Ps2 Emulators for Android To run PlayStation 2 games

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The best part of this is the stability. Each one has a free version to try with a pro version that unlocks all of the features. Robert Broglia is a developer on Google Play.

It allows enjoying any game which anyone can play on PlayStation. EmuBox is one of the newer PlayStation emulators.

RetroArch proves to be a highly reliable emulator, with a superb and easy to use user interface. This is an open source emulator which is based on Libretro interface which confirms the high standard performance and fast game loading time. It gives multi-language support and always updated at specific intervals of time which reflects the introduction and availability of new features in this emulator time to time. As the developer states in the Play Store listing, emulating hardware is difficult.

So you may experience frames drop and crashing. RetroArch is among the most famous Playstation emulators. It's also completely free, packed with features, and more. It features most of the usual emulator stuff, including save and load states, control customization, and other basic features. Yes, But you need sacrifices a few things.

With emulators, you can play the originals whenever you want on your devices. While your friends playing smart phone games, you will be the next level gamer having console games in your device.

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That's basically the best of the basics. The following applications are just the emulators and do not include any games. This has been possible because of some awesome PlayStation emulators which are present on the Play Store. People download cores that run inside of the app. ClassicBoy bills itself as an all-in-one emulator.

They're also fairly inexpensive. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play.

Most of them work adequately well. In the gaming industry, the only contender for the Xbox series is none other than Sony Play Station. Yes, all that in one single package. Otherwise, this one works and it works quite well.

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android. The developers promise that it'll stick around for a while this time. And it comes with a ton of features as well. As such, the user can play most of the games using one-handed operation.

7 Best PlayStation Emulators for Android

Some games may not play at full speed, even on the latest devices. Helo, I had installed thats Apk, but I stil problem. It's also an all-in-one emulator app.

However, most of the emulator cores work extremely well. In our experience, the PlayStation core is relatively stable and works pretty well.

You can also tweak the settings to get more performance. You have to manually create the game folder, save folder, and manually format the emulated memory cards. It's a good option for those looking for multiple emulators under a single roof.

Best Ps2 Emulators for Android To run PlayStation 2 games

It features the basic stuff like save and load states, customizable controls, high compatibility, and hardware controller support. However, if you learn to master this app, you won't have to go hunting for another one for quite some time. This is a great option for those who like to emulate multiple consoles without wanting to download a bunch of apps.


That means there is an extra level of complexity when compared to most PlayStation emulators. This is the only somewhat decent GameCube and Wii emulator on Android. It is also one of the most powerful emulators out there, and despite being free, proves to be quite reliable. Because of these emulators, java 32 bit for minecraft you can enjoy your loveliest games on your Android phone and can play anytime according to your wish with same graphics and user interface.

PSX Emulators for Android

If you want to enjoy all options with all features you need to purchase the pro version. However, dedicated PlayStation emulators usually have more customization and configuration features. It also supports save states, load states, hardware controller support, and gesture support. You can run a few light titles in medium settings. The paid versions have all of the features.

Play for Android - Download


You can most of the immersive titles on the go without carrying your consoles. It's completely free and open source. Overall, playing the Sony Play station titles on the android phone is possible as long as you sacrifice some heavier titles and graphics settings. Get Xebra Emulator for Android. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

It has most of the common features like save and load states and things like that. While it is certainly the most expensive option of the lot, it is also the easiest as well as the most reliable option out there. Once the setup is finished, you can enjoy the games.

It provides the high-performance graphics and speed without any distortion or disturbance. This one tends to be a bit easier to use.

Xebra is another usable emulator which is getting popularity with time. However, it's remained reliable. That's a boon on lower end devices especially. It also includes save and load states, cheat code support, fast forward mode, and hardware controller support. It is free, though, so it's difficult to complaint too much.