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We can't wait to see it again, and own it. We just got back from the earliest showing we could get a sitter for.

His characteristic caustic attitude towards Lestrade and even Watson at times was exactly how I'd imagine him. There are not many actors who can claim they can do this competently.

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He gives several summations of his observations and deductions that brought Holmes to life in an almost unparalleled way. Rather the focus is on the action sequences and clever humor.

They take top honors as the years best bro-mance, arguing like an old married couple while deep down knowing that they'd be lost without each other. The filmmakers aren't doing their job if a sense of the ridiculous is not thrown into an action flick from time to time. Then again, it's Hollywood. So he gives in to Ritchie's demands, and introduces humour, irony, and self-awareness in the character, to make it usable for the director's winks at ironic action. The fascination of the inner locations, namely the midget's laboratory.

Notice how it is announced, early in the film, with a similar perspective to the one we'll get in the end. Nevertheless, Watson never could abandon his friend in his time of need. Saying any more than that would be too spoilery.

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Another twist is that this Holmes here is no meticulous, fastidious bore in real life. Hans Zimmer's music leans heavily on the fiddle to lighten the load of a difficult plot.

He is one of the best ever. Too be honest, it is absolutely one of the best movies of this year. Director Guy Ritchie's visuals include delightful Downey disguises and lively speed ramping in a forest bombarded by bullets. The first film suffered because the story was slow.

He playfully torments his housekeeper Ms. The action, thrill, intelligence, all are placed perfectly in this film. Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.

It is extremely entertaining and fun to watch. There are also a few really thrilling action set-pieces involving a boat and an unfinished bridge. That's all competent, more than competent.

The first half is guns, gunpowder, and gymnastics. The visual effects are mostly good, but some scenes were a bit over the top and borderline ridiculous. More than that, the character is a perfect piece invested in a clever, irresistible and fascinating world.

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Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Ritchie finds a way to depict Sherlock's fighting as a mental exercise as much as it's a physical feat. When he leaps into action, he relies on a sword-cane and a trusty revolver, while Sherlock favors a riding crop which die-hard fans will recall was his preferred method of self-defense in the canon. It's exactly the type of mystery Doyle would have devised, explorer 360 extreme with plenty of twists and opportunities for Holmes to show off his genius as he races to stop a plot to take over England and gasp! Downey is Holmes and Law is sidekick Dr.

We deduce, we smile, we run, all with him. How those sets are usable, in the action scenes. Well, their watchable, though not particularly interesting. The bullet-time was used to convey how traumatic a couple of scenes were to someone with that type of awareness, and it worked beautifully.

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No one, no matter how patient or forgiving, could endure Holmes forever without the occasional confrontation. He invests totally on the creation of a character who merges with the textures of the context, while being distinct from it. Both toss off the one-liners with ease.

Hans Zimmer's quirky score blends well with the film's tone and Downey Jr. Do Guy Ritchie and Sherlock Holmes fit?

Watson from the bumbling comic relief of most movies into a cool, competent sidekick. All those dirty muddy streets, all the dirt. So the challenge for any modern filmmaker, and actor, who wants to update Holmes, is to make the character more cinematic, more appealing. The story itself is not special, but its pace is what counts.