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One aspect that I do wish YouVersion would improve on is syncing your settings. There is a paragraph switch with a heading title that looks exactly like the rest of the text just stuck right in the middle of the verse.

Overall, YouVersion is hard to beat. Each book opens in a new Work Space screen.

Then I moved to Palm and there it was. Do any of these apps provide this feature?

Get your daily bread with the help of this bible app for the iPad. Laridian offers a number of books to buy. Our site uses cookies to provide you with the best experience possible. We do not track or make use of such information.

Vine's Expository Dictionary. On the iPhone, the navigation is at the bottom, which makes it easy to use for Plus users. The apps below all give us more than the four features above, but these are the bare minimum. You get invitations to join certain groups and they show up here. My main complaint with Logos is that if you are not doing sermon preparation, it can be overkill.

You can allow friends to see where you are in your reading plans, and also see where the community at large has written about a particular verse. Also an info window pops up. It also has the best notes feature available in these three. You can use the Settings third from the bottom to add a second window.

Makes for very smooth and quick scripture referencing. Open the Library screen with the button in the lower right to show this screen. Also the colors of letters and background can be changed.

My day starts and many times ends with Olive Tree. This app is very useful and a great tool for all over the world.


Helping Millions of People Read & Study the BibleThe Olive Tree Bible App by Olive Tree Bible Software

Helping Millions of People Read & Study the Bible

Before we started looking at Bible apps, we developed a list of criteria that we would consider for each app. It has not been updated for the larger screens of newer iPhones, but it is still functional. Does the app provide versatility when it comes to translation options? The Bible button opens a list of Bibles so you can add one to a new Work Space. Accordance users will get a number of free books.

You can pick up right where you left off, touch the book of the New Testament that you want to listen to or choose a specific verse, and much more. It even includes the option to slow down or speed up the reading by factors of. If the Faithlife Study Bible app looks familiar, it should. Many Bible apps include built-in audio versions.

IPad Bible Study Must Haves

The Logos tools menu shows up in the lower toolbar and above the book window. There are numerous features that you can read in-depth details about in our app review.

Do these materials integrate into the study experience? It only includes nine translations, and many of them are in-app purchases. You can also share verses via Social Media, sync across other iDevices and search the bible by language or country. Does it provide an easy way to access what you want without needing ten taps?

Bible apps can come in all shapes and sizes. Scofield Reference Bible Comme. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. On the iPad, it puts the reading experience front and center.

No one should have to install two Bible apps on a phone, tablet or Chromebook. The second button from the left lets you sync via Dropbox or via Wi-Fi.

Download the app for free and get some free books to try it out. This app is also a blessing in that it is a low cost option to having the John MacArthur study notes. Get one of their Logos Base Packages to bundle a library of books and save money versus buying each book individually. Then it shows your favorite Greek word dictionary.

5 Best iPad Bible Study Apps

This free bible reader provides users with the most popular bible versions that can also be downloaded for offline usage. While I love the English Standard Version, there are a lot of great Bible translations that are great. The desktop versions are extremely powerful. When you first install the app it offers a great help screen that shows you how to use the app from the get go. For more details on these features, check out our app review.

Audio Bible Options In the era of podcasts, a lot of people love to listen to the Bible. You really have a lot of control with this app in terms of how successful you want to be in studying the bible. We polled our readers via social media to ask what they felt was the most important criteria. The problem for a lot of people will be that it only supports one translation. Hebrew and Greek lexicons to help you learn the bible from its original writings.

While the app is free, if you find it useful, I would recommend considering a donation to help continue development. The notes I take in the YouVersion app sync seamlessly with the web and other platforms. It has options to build a community group within the app to share journals and prayer requests. So I'm simply telling you what I've discovered that is so helpful and enriching for me.

NIV Study Bible on the App Store

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Some focus on study, others focus on notes, while others focus on a great reading experience. The Bible shows up in the left side with the Study Tools on the right. Whether one wants only to read the Word or deeply study and compare events surrounding the scriptures, tezaab dandia music mp3 this application will not disappoint.