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Squatters live on a mothballed oil tanker in the Persian Gulf. The whole film was done in such a fresh style that I was wondering where the director would end the film.

It reminded me of one of our old friend. Ultimately, it looked like yet another Bangladeshi entertainment film. After the police detains her, we get to learn her story. Instead of coming out of theaters with an answer, they come out with a question!

It handled a kind of feminist issue! Like Ruba, she was wilful and emotionally fragile at the same time. The few men willing to rent to her expect sex in exchange.

Movie in categories sentimental. The second movie directed by Humayun Ahmed. The list contains related movies ordered by similarity. At the same time, games tetris no ing some strong criticism from Islamic and moral vanguards were there as well!

The film starts with a real kick from the very beginning with dark and tensed sequences and keeps it intact. However overall movie is good except the finishing. And this how a complicated love story move on. Sometimes she is victimized by men, sometimes by women.


Her lover Munna is in jail for murdering someone. For example, a scene of buying a condom by one of the protagonists was needlessly extended in the film and this scene contains nothing but puerile humour. Everyone is a human with good and bad intentions. The first thing that I like about this film is the multidimensional approach perfectly applied by the director in creating sequences and building characters.

But again, being a popular television drama director and a film director are totally two different things. All the character seemed so fresh, alive, and multi-dimensional. There are fun and also disturbance in a good ratio.

But again, it seems he is looking for only mass-media attraction. Identify all themes of interest from this film block below. Learn more More Like This. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? The story circles about a lone girl who has been misfortunate, exhausted and manipulated by the male dominated society of ours where every woman searches for physical and mental security.

While one knows nothing of the other, his second wife doesn't care that he is married already as long as he comes home to her as well. The journey was sometimes poetic, sometimes humorous, sometimes emotional, and sometimes disturbing! Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Germany, Croatia.

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Shahiduzzaman Selim, Mosharraf Karim, Nipun. The protagonist is completely homeless and deserted her family as her husband remains in the jail for murdering someone and her mother stays with her second husband. That's why I was always scared if the film gets to stereotypical.

Most similar movies to Third Person Singular Number. The coffin of an expatriate worker with manipulated identity intense the identity crisis when another person's corpse is found inside. The story has a number of layers.

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Trivia The director of this film, Mostofa Sarwar Farooki is the husband of the leading actress of this film, Tisha. She slowly falls in love with him, but on the other hand she can't forget her husband, especially after he is released from prison. Ruba perfectly portrays the contradictions and energy of a typical middle-class girl from a broken family. Tisha, Mosharof Karim, and Topu played their characters so truthfully that it was hard to single out who did the best!

But to be very honest I was taken straight into the story- to be precise, I was taken into the psychological tempest of the protagonist Ruba! Story of a teenage boy who is hired by a colonial era landlord to entertain him until the annual flood is over. He is indeed a master and a potential hope in our hopeless film industry. But Tisha's acting in Ruba's role was a class act!

Late Bloomers stars Isabella Rossellini and William Hurt as a married couple pulled apart by the threat of old age. But when you are already eating bread, you would be looking for some Jam and Jelly with it. But one day she remembered her collage friend Topu, who now is a very famous musician. That's the fact I liked most.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, France, Turkey. Duyen is a beautiful tourist guide and translator who marries Hai, a taxi driver who is two years her junior. In a nutshell, it is a sensible and worth watching film.

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From another angle, it's just completely different. Which is very new for Bangladeshi people to watch but for some people it will be hard to digest, especially for villager. Lack of coherence within the film narrative often seems sloppy, giving the impression that the story was not very carefully organized. As a leader of the local community, Chairman Amin bans every kind of image in his water-locked village in rural Bangladesh.

As time goes Tpou's intentions became clearer, he wanted Ruba physically and has a soft spot for her too. The movie is not that bad, but the thing is that it is better than the running Bangladeshi Movies. Twelve people are passengers on board. Kanao, a courtroom portrait artist, observes crimes, scandals and the decline of Japanese values without passing judgement.