Twitter Bird Logo Vector

Here the areas of the eye behind the beak were also erased. Note the new layers in the Layers palette.

George Coghill is a freelance illustrator specializing in monster, creature and cryptid artwork. Next step is to add the shading.

Step 2 Open In PhotoshopTwitter Bird

Scan Your Sketch The initial step is to scan your rough sketch in to Photoshop or your favorite pixel editing software. Nightingale Flat Illustration Set. Social Media Messaging Stream. Now we are going to go back and tweak our line art, which we can see better in the overall final artwork with the color and shading applied. Typically the Multiply blend mode will allow you to use the same exact color you used for the flat color as the shading color.

Cute bird with film equipments. There is no doubt that the Twitter Bird logo is incredibly effective. Thin Linear Social Media Vectors. Blue Abstract Vector Background. This way, the line art sits on top and the color shapes are underneath and on a separate layer.

The Text Twitter Bird and Bird Alone

Let the community know by joining the discussion. As with any graphics software programs, there are as many ways to do something as there are users.

Check the Template Checkbox Navigate to the folder where your sketch is saved. Continue to do this for all necessary objects. Next, the Photoshop sketch will be placed into Illustrator as a template for use as a, well, template. Here I create a new empty layer outside the previously grouped layer folder, to work on refining the line work in preparation for the vector art stage.

Note how many layers I am using, even for this fairly simple character. The reason for this change is probably quite simple. Next I start working on refining my rough sketch on the new blank layer. We want to hear what you have to say. Continue to add all your desired shading.

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Vector Twitter Bird

Twitter Birds Free Vector. The simple twitter bird can be found on the most professional of websites to a simple blog and everything in between. Create a new layer, and then target the layer by clicking the small circle on the right hand side of the layer in the Layers palette.

Step 2 Open In Photoshop

The first logo of Twitter, much like their business, hard disc data recovery software full version was incredibly simple. Twitter logo on the screen. Free Twitter Bird Vector Background. Free Flat Birds Vector Set.

Now we can just create flat color shapes on this layer, and let the layer effect give us the desired results. Web icons over gray background vector illustration gstudioimagen.

Twitter Icon in Other Styles. Vector Twitter Bird With Quote. The Final Character Art The final reworked art.

The sketch created in Photoshop will be placed and used to trace the vector paths in Illustrator. Here I am grouping all the layers of the sketch so far into a Layer Group folder, for easy management.

Twitter Bird

Same SeriesVector Twitter Bird

You can tell the layer has been targeted by the outline seen around the circle. Discussion We want to hear what you have to say.

These icons are about as good as an egg about to hatch. Social Media Buttton Vectors. What follows is a walkthrough of a method to go about creating cartoon-style illustrations in vector art giving them a clean, yet hand-drawn look. This helps in being able to see your sketch template as you work. Social Media Ribbon Vectors.

Vector Twitter Bird