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Hey- I figured out how to do this pretty easily. Any time I select a transition and preview it all I see is the standard fade. These are the original files from Vista just packaged in a simple installer. Originally Posted by bjproc.

But for better support, please email him directly using the email link on his website. For iTunes music, try converting it to.

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This sounds like a bigger problem unrelated to the version of Movie Maker that is being run. Halkios, try the install again. See the preview but get a black screen. You can check Freemake for a couple of conversion programs.

Save each movie separately then add them back together in a final project. Everything seemed to work fine for a very short period of time.

Can you try again by replacing just the source file directly on the disk. You can check what kind of files are supported in Movie Maker here.

Whenever possible convert all your video to. Same for windows mail and sidebar. Thank you for your time in reading this, and if anyone else knows of any answers, feel free to speak out. You would have to go to Rehan's website rehanfx. First of all a big thank you for this nice tool!

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How did you get these files in. Your earlier solution was bit complicated and didn't work. And a clean boot is another good idea. Everything is working great except the audio!

Blaine, Thank you so much for all your time and effort put into this installer package. So why the heck am I downloading this? Any other suggestions, nokia e66 applications please? Try converting the video to.

Find More Posts by bjproc. Just follow the steps correctly. Right now my needs are basic and primarily flesh tones.

Make sure they are working correctly first. And the size might be a problem. If the video file format you're using is included on the list, let us know so we could further help. Finally, if you want to use the latest Movie Maker, download Movie Maker instead.

Ok, i have a problem with the bit one. Yes, it does seem like you might have some files that are supposedly converted to. Some video format is not fully supported by Windows Movie Maker, hence, causing issues in processing. Your email address will not be published. What do you think caused that?

When installing that program, be sure to only install the program, not any add-ons it might offer. Are you sure they are good. Pick one and stick with it.

No message from the program as to why. Can't edit if they are lagging like that. If not, can you recommend any programs for colour correction.

This has been quite frustrating. Have you got any idea how I might use hidef and not get this sergio leone effect? Sounds like the Windows Installer is having trouble creating a system restore point.

How satisfied are you with this response? However, let's assume that they are.

Thank you for your other posts, Many of the previous problems I had in the past were solved with your earlier advice. Blaine, did you know that Windows Live Movie Maker can support custom effects?

It looks like it opens up an old video I was working on. There does not appear to be a logical solution to this issue. Yawniebug, check your source file types. You Sir, are a miracle worker! There is also the Auto Movie feature that will analyze your video and automatically make a movie for you!

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None of the older versions work well with. It tells the order of clips, where you want edits, what transitions you want, etc.

First, I'd check the format of the pictures. All the effects and transitions were working great in the file when it was open. Are you trying capture from a camera? The process just sits there as the estimated remaining time increases.

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